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“I became terrified at the thought of turning back around to look behind me, for it had been so long since I had glanced that way that I began to imagine that surely something must be waiting there now.…”


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Greetings, seeker! The Weird Fiction novel The Satanic Bridegroom is now available for purchase in both e-book and paperback formats.

Kindle $3.99

Nook $3.99

iBooks $3.99

Paperback $16.95 Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other popular online emporia.

The Satanic Bridegroom on Goodreads

The Satanic Bridegroom is a horror-adventure novel written in the Weird Fiction tradition of H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen.

In the year 1920, the world still reeling from global war and on the brink of a miraculous new age, a scientific expedition discovers an undersea relic crafted by unknown hands. The mysteries found within its gates will send a beautiful young American on an amazing journey across the Caribbean, from the city streets of Santiago de Cuba to the emerald jungles of deepest Belize. Her story is seen through the distorted glass of two lenses, the diary of an earnest young idealist and the bizarre tale of an unbalanced libertine who wants young Helen for himself. She may catch her dark lover … or uncover a terror the world has never seen.

Along the way we encounter mysterious undersea caverns, cursed jungle valleys, drug-addled decadents, arias without underpants, mystics, bullfighters, salubrious new exercise regimens for young ladies of the Modern age and secrets man was not meant to know. Spookiness and wit abound in this unhallowed tale of lust, madness and submarines.

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